Don't Wait to Make Dock Repairs!

Your Lake of the Ozarks Dock is your summer oasis! Wheather you use your dock to simply house your boat or PWC, use it for swimming, or just hanging out with family and friends you want to make sure your dock is in tip top shape! If you've notcied that your dock has gotten damage, don't wait until spring to make your repairs. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, you'll want to start enjoying your dock. Read on to learn more about our dock repair service at the lake of the Ozarks!

Dock Repair 

 We offer 24/7 emergency service on all brands of docks. If an emergency arises that requires immediate attention, don't hesitate to give us a call! We will gladly come out and fix your issue in a timely manner. Below is a list of some of the repairs we can make to your dock if you experienced any damage over the past week.
  • Fixing connections to your dock 
  • Railings 
  • Gangways 
  • Roof structure and bracing 
  • Anchorage Assemblies 
  • Flotation 
  • Fixing connections to your seawall 
  • Loose bolts & screws 
  • Decking 
  • Substructure framing 
  • Storm damage repair

Replace Broken Dock Pads! 

You may find that you have a few broken concrete dock pads at your residential or commercial dock at the Lake of the Ozarks. Not only do broken dock pads create a bad appearance of your dock, but they can also be dangerous if they come completely loose or someone trips. You don't always need to start over and build a brand new dock, replacing your dock pads can extend the life of your existing dock and also give it a new look.

If you currently have wood as your dock floor versus concrete, we can typically replace the wood with concrete dock tiles if your wood is beginning to look worn or you prefer concrete over wood. Give One Source Services a call for a quote and to schedule a visit to see what needs to be repaired.

Dock Replacement 

If you find that your dock has suffered damage that is beyond repair, we can help you rebuild your Lake of the Ozarks dock. We build high quality residential and commercial docks at the Lake of the Ozarks and work closely with Ameren and the Fire Districts, handling the entire permitting process.

Call One Soruce Docks for All Your Dock Needs!

Wheather you need a simple repair made, dock accessories added, a new gangway, or a full dock replacement contact the best dock company at the Lake of the Ozarks - One Soruce Docks! At One Source Docks we specialize in building residential galvanized and aluminum docks backed by the best warranty and service at the lake. All One Source docks are engineered to meet the specific individual applications. We offer 24/7 emergency service on ALL BRANDS of docks. Give us a call for your next project at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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