Get on the Books for Your 2020 Dock Build!

Memorial Day has come and gone which means that summer is coming to a close. After a fun-filled summer, has your Lake of the Ozarks dock seen better days? If you think you may need a new dock for next season now is the time to get on the books for the 2020 season! There is a lot to consider when it comes time to build a new dock. Read on to learn more about building a new dock at the Lake of the Ozarks

Design Your DREAM Dock 

When you have One Source Services build a brand new dock at the Lake of the Ozarks for you, we can come up with a complete custom design that will match how you spend time on the lake. To come up with the perfect dock layout, we first have to discuss what activities you do on the water. For example:
  • Do you spend a lot of time swimming?
  • Do you want to fish off of your dock?
  • How many watercraft do you own? 
  • Do you plan to entertain on your dock? 
Once we figure out how you will use your dock, we can start planning your dream dock that you will make so many memories on! Below are just a few of the MANY design options:

  • Platform Dock 
  • Single-Slip Dock or Double Slip Dock 
  • Custom Dock Layout 
  • Commercial Dock 

Dock Accessories

  • Custom color ladders
  • High Dives
  • Large Slides
  • Dock boxes
  • Customer storage rooms or bars
  • Boat protection packages

Custom Docks

One Source Docks builds the best custom docks in the industry with features like:
  • Custom Bar Areas
  • Dock Lockers
  • Docks with Upper Entertainment / Sun Areas
  • Large Slides
  • High Dives
  • Sitting Areas

This is just a shortlist of the things we can add to your custom dock build at the Lake of the Ozarks. Now is a great time to get on our books to build your new dock for the upcoming 2020 season! Give One Source Docks a call and we will start building your dream dock. A dock is essential when you live on the water, so why not make the most of your lake lifestyle and build a brand new dock in 2020. Give us a call and we can discuss design options and get you on the books for a brand new dock. 

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