4 Benefits of Kayaking on the Lake

There are so many ways to enjoy living on the lake. Whether you enjoy relaxing on your lake of the Ozarks dock, swimming, or boating, there is nothing better than enjoying living at the lake! Another fun way to enjoy living at the Lake is to get into kayaking! Kayaking is a lot of fun and there are so many great benefits of owning one. Read on to learn about 4 benefits of kayaking at the Lake of the Ozarks!

#1 Reduce Stress

There is just something about being on the lake, in general, that is an instant stress reliever. Kayaking specifically is another great way to reduce stress levels. When you are out kayaking you can enjoy being out in nature, soak up some sun, and watch the water move around you. There is something tranquil and stress relieving about paddling around in your kayak.

#2 Great Upper Body Work Out 

If you live on the water, you can easily add kayaking to your workout routine. Kayaking is an excellent workout that incorporates your entire upper body. In one hour of paddling alone, you can burn calories and increase your strength. 

#3 Increase Cardiovascular Health 

Anytime you do something to raise your heartbeat you are working on improving your heart and cardiovascular health. When you go kayaking on the lake, you are sure to increase your heart rate a little and regular kayak trips can help improve your heart health.

#4 Improved Mental Health 

Kayaking is a lot of fun and you will find yourself really enjoying yourself when you make time to get out on the water. Aerobic exercise, like kayaking, triggers the release of brain chemicals that can quickly increase your mood, according to Harvard Health Publications.

If you're in the market for a kayak or you already have one, one of the struggles of owning a kayak is getting on and off your kayak easily if you plan to store your kayak on your dock. Our Lake of the Ozarks dock company now sells Permalaunch®, making it easy to get on and off your kayak and store it all at the same time.

Everything about the permalaunch® was designed for stability and ease of use. The Float Off – Float On Feature’s start with the vessel being partially submerged when boarding. The three middle underwater supports create stability for boarding, yet allow buoyancy in the vessel for ease of launch or retrieval. Custom designed handrails allow you to use your paddle to effortlessly pull the vessel off the launch, or guide yourself back on. The two outside underwater braces are set lower in the water to allow the vessel to launch or float back on with minimal effort from the paddler. You will be amazed at how easily every member of the family can come and go with the permalaunch®!

There are so many great health benefits of kayaking and if you've yet to pick up this sport as a hobby, you've got to try it out! Buying a kayak is affordable for most individuals and offers up so many great benefits! Once you buy your kayak, be sure to contact One Source Docks to install your permalaunch®! The permalaunch® also works great for canoes and standup paddleboards, so no matter how you enjoy being out on the water, it's the perfect Lake of the Ozarks boating accessory!

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